Wedge Rice Bag with Red Cotton Fabric and Rice

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The Rice Bags are made of cotton fabric and are filled with rice. has have received a lot of requests from customers looking for a fabric version of HappySew’s Rice Bags for their at-home physical therapy exercise regimen.  You will find a different feel in these fabric rice bags compared to the vinyl version. These rice bags are enhanced for comfort and can also be used for hot and cold therapy. Simply place the bag in a microwave for 1 minute for heat therapy or store in the freezer overnight for use in cold therapy. Each bag is individually weighted and sewn with a double edge finishing. We do our best to ensure the endurance of the product as well as the quality of use during exercise routine. Additional usage for these bags can be to use it as a light weight to press down on the electronic heat pad or as a holder to keep things or body in a proper position.

Materials: Cotton & rice
Color: Red
Content: Rice Bag contains 14 oz /9 oz /6 oz of rice
Measurement: Width 4.5"/4"/3.5" x Tall 4.5"/4"/3.75" x Deep 2.75"/2.5"/2.25" 
Care Instructions: Sponge clean the vinyl with wet paper towel/cloth. DO NOT SOAK IN WATER. 

Note: Please use with caution when microwaving the rice bags. DO NOT microwave it more than 1 minute. 

Disclaimer: Always consult your therapist and learn the proper techniques on how to use the Rice Bags should you intend to use them for exercises. is not liable for any misuse of the rice bags.



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