Accessories for Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise

Accessories for Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise like Schroth or Rigo Concept consist of Retangular Rice Bags, Wedge Rice Bags, Fabric Belt and Traction Belt with Fast Release BuckleWe work diligently with physical therapists and patients to ensure for both pattern and weight efficiency. The Rice Bags are easy to clean and are ideal for both public settings (hospital, clinic, therapist office) as well as home settings. Each bag is individually weighted and sewn with a double edge finishing. Both the Fabric Belts and Traction Belts have several sizes and we also offer an option to customize the belt for you. We do our best to ensure the endurance of the products as well as the quality of use during your exercise routine.

Vinyl Rice Bags  fabricbelts-velcro-combo-sm.jpg  trackingbeltcombosmnew.jpg