Sitting Wedge Case (No Filling)

Sitting Wedge Case (No Filling)

We are happy to offer an environmentally-friendly Sitting Wedge on We have been approached by a PT customer inquiry if we can sew a Sitting Wedge for her patients to use for home and for office as an alternative to foam. We have modified our pattern for wedge and applied our sewing skills to produce the Sitting Wedge. The wedge comes in Narrow (11”) and Wider (15”) width and has the following features: 

  • Wedge is fully lined with medium weight muslin cotton fabric. 
  • Wedge is sewn with one piece of fabric. 
  • Wedge has an opening of at least 12" with a 1" wide loop & hook (aka Velcro) closure.
  • Customers can fill the wedge with their preferred material such as rice, poly pellets, buckwheat and more. We strongly suggest consulting your trusted therapy professional on the size and amount of filling for sitting purposes. 
  • Wedge can also be used as a clutch to store documents, towels, toys etc. 

This Sitting Wedge has been requested and tested by Yahara Therapy. We are grateful for the kind support and encouragement from Susan Frikken. 

NoteThis case does not come with filling of any type.

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