Our Products in Action

HappySew.com has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from physical therapists in the United States and from all over the world on how our rice bags, belts (in fabric, vinyl and webbing) and traction belts are useful in both the clinical setting and in their patients’ homes. We are sharing the following feedback:


The HappySew products have been incredibly instrumental when educating and instructing my patients through the Schroth method scoliosis specific exercises. I frequently use the wedge rice packs and rectangular rice packs within the clinic. The vinyl material allows them to be easily cleaned and used over and over again, and they are very durable. I often encourage my patients who are performing Schroth method scoliosis specific exercise at home to purchase their own set of wedges and rectangles, which has been tremendously motivating to my younger patients who love going on HappySew.com and picking out their own colors. The door pull with webbing that HappySew offers has also been extremely beneficial for many of my patients. I have several patients who prefer to use the door pull with webbing strap when performing their exercises because it is easy to manage, can readily be adjusted for the proper height, and can be stored away without any hassle. I also frequently encourage my patients who are traveling to purchase the door pull with webbing so exercises can be performed on the go! HappySew.com has been my one stop shop for wedges, rectangles, door pulls, traction belts and so much more. I will continue to refer my patients to their services as well as personally use their products for many years to come! Thank you, HappySew!

Lyndsay Provencio, PT, DPT
Portland, OR

Dr. Meghan Teed (@thescoliotherapist on Instagram) posted a short video "Simple exercise for traveling with scoliosis" using our Traction Belt with Buckle (aka Yoga Strap) and Fabric Belt with Loop & Hook Closure. Dr. Teed also posted the following step by step instructions:
*Loop your yoga strap around both door knobs.
*loop the fabric belt through the yoga strap
* fasten the fabric belt low and tight around the hips
*make sure the yoga strap is at the center of your spine
*walk out until there’s tension on the strap
*drop down onto elbows and knees

As a Scolio-Pilates® and Schroth Certified Physical Therapist, Dr. Meg will help you understand your diagnosis, prevent worsening of your curve, get stronger, stay mobile, decrease pain, and improve your appearance. For more information click here: https://thescoliotherapist.com/scoliosis-therapy